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July 15, 2020
​Breathe escaped from fall since it was firmly gripped by the cast...

My VR Critique Meter:

  • No of Seasons: 1
  • No of Episodes: 12
  • Runtime: 45mins per Episode
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Language: Hindi
  • Subtitle: Yes.
  • Streaming Portal: Prime Video



A famous Psychiatrist’s daughter has been kidnapped, The perpetrator asked a different ransom instead of money, What the loving father do to save his daughter.


The series is of twelve episodes, Abhishek Bachchan casts the lead role as Avinash Sabharwal, one of the leading psychiatrists helping the police to solve many unsolved cases. His wife Abha Sabharwal portrayed by Nithya Menon who was a homemaker and a reputed chef in a star hotel. They have a six-year-old daughter Siya Sabharwal cast by Ivana Kaur. The story revolves around the city of Delhi. Apart from the family, Amit Sadh as Kabir Sawant continues to be the police officer from season one, who has a horrifying past and shifted voluntarily to Delhi from Mumbai. Another important cast in the series is Saiyami Kher did a role as a call girl Shirley.

The curtain raises, A six-year-old daughter of Avi & Abha was kidnapped mysteriously, both the parents and the police are trying to find the kidnapper and the girl. At the same time, a med-student Gayathri was abducted. The kidnapper left no clue, the case went cold. Nine months later, Avi and Abha got a mysterious parcel from an unidentified address, A iPad with a recorded video of her alive daughter along with the missing med-student Gayathri, the abductor sets a task of killing someone in a period of eight days and the killing should be recorded and should be sent to a television channel to get their daughter back. Will the parents do the killing or not? What happens after is the remaining part of the flick.

The series has subplots as well, track of Kabir and Meghna: Meghna, a wheelchaired girl who got the accident because of Kabir, met him in Delhi and be with him for the whole time, the track of Shirley: a life of her as a call girl and her love attraction towards the perpetrator, She was used well only in the last few episodes, and last but not the least, A unimportant female inspector (Shraddha Kaul), who only exists to sit in her boss’ office, judge Kabir with her eyes and handle media briefings. The kidnapper will be untwisted in episode five at which the writer tried to do it in a thrilling way which went unbalanced. The next seven episodes will be a cat and mouse game between Kabir and the kidnapper. The explanation of the backstory and the victims are staged which was alike of Dexter season where Dexter should proper his killing spree by killing who was worth dying. The writer used a methodology of Ravan’s ten personality heads like anger, fear, lust, and so on. The crew has incinerated the wonderful plot by the screenplay, the viewers will feel the length of the episodes after the kidnapper is revealed. They should handle it differently.

Overall, Wonderful plot which gives a viewer to sit relaxed to untie the knots leisurely. The engaging factor was there but missed to be in overall.


My VR Critique Meter:

  • Interesting Meter:
  • Engaging Meter:
  • Acting & Characters: ½
  • Visualization: ½
  • Music and Background Score: ½


Likes and Dislikes

  • The plot is clean which has both interesting factors and intriguing factors but failed to impress because of more episodes.
  • The acting of Nithya Menon and Abhishek Bachchan are really great but the efforts are bewildered at the soggy writing. And Notable performances from the supporting cast like Saiyami Kher, Resham Shrivardhan, Shruti Bapna, and Nizhalgal Ravi.
  • For every episode there will be a twist which will get cold till the end of that 45mins the episode, then another twist continues in the next episode which was passable and the hunger will be no more.
  • The visualization in few parts are very dark, considering the series with fame artist and an interesting the plot, the director should have planned in showing the visualization rich.
  • Another major attention to the series is the background score, the opening title music with the background of Delhi will patronize the viewers.
  • The nagging sub-inspectors with Kabir to get his attention was good but their activities towards flirting of one of the sub-inspectors with his college friend were boring.
  • If the episodes were made short to 8 and the kidnapper was revealed, at last, the series would be much more engaging and won more hearts.
  • The end climax was the step for another season where the kidnapper is still inside. If the writer is planning for one, if they cleared the issues of this season, surely that series will be in top-notch Wishlist of all web series lovers.

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