Hello World…

I am an enthusiastic Human being, Full of fun and lovable person. Love to do long drive in car with music ON. I drive Petrol beast.

Watching movies and series is an addictive one, Writing will give you a pleasure of that addiction. I found my Pleasure here. Hope reading will give u the same.

I am a Son 🧒 | Friend 👬 | Lover 💑 | Hubby 👫 | Father 👨‍👦 | #Binge 📺 Lover. #Apple 🍎 #Batman 🦇 #MovieBuff 📽 #bosefreak



1. Avid Binge watcher

2. Budding Writer


This is my blog, Hope you like my writing, Welcome for new ideas and suggestions.

Happy day….!!!! 😇

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Disclaimer: Views are personal, not in the motive of hurting someone.

Hello People...