Wednesday, September 15, 2021

GOOD GIRLS (2018-2021) – English – Review – Vishwanath Rajasekaran


  • No of Seasons: 4
  • No of Episodes: 50
  • Streaming Platform: Netflix
  • Genre: Crime, Comedy, Drama.
  • Runtime: 43mins per episode.
  • Censor: 16+
  • VR Rating: 7/10



Beth, Annie, and Ruby were the most trustworthy and best friends. Beth, the perfect wife and a mother of four, but her used-car-dealership, her cheating hubby has sent her family into financial destruction; Ruby is happily married to a policeman and having two children. Their daughter has kidney transplantation which they couldn't afford, and Annie, a single mom, is caught in a horrible custody battle with her ex.


Beth, Annie, and Ruby clubbed together to heist a grocery store in their town to keep their financial expenses in line. Their life got changed upside down when they got pulled in deep than they ever imagined. 


They made a mistake; they want to comes out of it. But how is the remaining part of GOOD GIRLS.



  • The acting of Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman as Beth, Ruby, and Annie sequentially was splendid; especially their reactions are a knockout. Along with the three pivotal roles contribution, Manny Montana as Rio – belongs to the mafia gang, he induces the three with his brawny inflection has kept the screenplay rolled well.
  • The screenplay is never a bored one. The writer and director kept it close to their heart to fulfill the viewers.
  • The cinematography, music, and background score played their role to keep the engagement factor running.



  • The engaging factor that had on season 1 missed being one till the end of season four because of the restricted showcase of crime sections rather than portraits only the troubles of the three moms.


Overall, Good Girls is for the one who likes comedies. For crime genre lovers, this is not the one but give it a try, it will not fail you.


PS: Please watch the movie on a high definition or 4K enabled screen with Dolby surrounded speakers to feel the aura. I watched the series with High definition with HDR enabled screen along with Dolby surround speakers. 


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