Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Boomika (2021) - Tamil - Podcast Review in Tamil - Vishwanath Rajasekaran


  • Released date: 22nd Aug 2021
  • Streaming Platform: Netflix / Vijay TV
  • Language: Tamil
  • Genre: Horror 
  • Censor: U
  • Runtime: 2.03Hrs
  • Podcast Language: Tamil
  • VR Podcast Rating: 6/10


  • Cast - Aishwarya Rajesh, Avanthika, Vidhu, Pavel Navageethan, Surya Ganapathy, Madhurai
  • Writen & Directed - Rathindran R Prasad.
  • Music: Chandrasekhar
  • Cinematography: Roberto Zazzara
  • Production - Karthik Subbaraj under the banner Stone Bench Films.




A deserted compound in ooty, A politician wants to convert into a villa community. Gautham, a realtor and a rising architect got the deal along with his friend Krishna. Gautham & Samyuktha Along with their son Sidhu came to ooty to start the work. Krishna was on his way to ooty with the deal confirmation and cheque.

To refurbish the place they are bringing their childhood friend Gayathri, A renewed architect from Spain and Gautham's sister to live in that compound and for help.

On that night, Gayathri messaging Krishna, his eeri replies frightens the whole people and shocked when Gautham confronts that Krishna was dead in a car accident a day before while he is returning to ooty.

They found that Krishna's death is paranormal, Tring to identify what's with it and found that the deserted compound was once known as Mount Roseyard School. A girl named Boomika mysteriously died 10 years ago and paranormal instances started and the compound went deserted.

Being stuck in the deserted place and nowhere else to go in the night, the team plans to dig more about the mystery behind Mount Roseyard School and about Boomika. What happens next is BOOMIKA..


  • The story - Gaia Hypothesis.
  • Screenplay - Good and proven logical.
  • Cinematography - The beautiness of ooty particularly the vividness in it.
  • Acting - Paval Navageethan, Avanthika, Aishwarya Rajesh - Did very well. But, Paval - A sweep shot to six.


  • Characters - Aditi (A phasmophobia Sister of Gautham) - An Annoying one.
  • Not felt ominous except for the messaging scene.

Overall, a horror movie which holds a wonderful message about earth. One time watchable. 

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