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A Show of the rise of Mexican drug cartel.


VR Critique Meter: 4/5

  • Premiered Date: 16th November 2018
  • ​No of Seasons: 2
  • No of Episodes: 20
  • Runtime: 50mins per Episode
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Streaming Portal: Netflix


Narcos is also one of Netflix's most successful series. With his first two seasons, Netflix gained great popularity by centring Pablo Escobar. In the third season, our story continued with the Cali cartel, one of Colombia's famous cartels. Narcos, who completed his Colombia journey in three seasons, moved to Mexico from the hands of the same creators Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato. Narcos: Our drama named as Mexico, this time will tell about the drug trade in Mexico and the wars for it with new faces and screenplay. Narcos Mexico is of two seasons with 10 episodes each. It has a runtime of 50mins as an average.

The story begins with the narration of DEA (American Drug Enforcement Agency) Agent Kiki Camarena in Guadalajara in 1985:


“I'll tell you a story, but I have to be honest, it doesn't end with a happy ending. On the contrary, it is not a finished story. The institutions you trust are actually the people who started the biggest war. I'm talking about the drug war. Increasing crime in the last 30 years; exactly around half a million people who died. People don't really want to hear this story. They accept it as if it never happened, but there is no such world.

I can't tell you how this story ends, but I can tell you how it started. "

Unlike Colombia, Mexico is a place known for the marijuana trade, not the cocaine and heroin trade. Sinaloa - Chihuahua - Durango areas are called drugs, the circle of weed, or the Mexican Golden Triangle. The land in these regions is very suitable for growing cannabis and is seen by farmers as the biggest gain. Upon the increase of this trade, the government raids Sinaloan farmers under the name of Operation Condor, burning their lands and showing who really is the boss.

Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna), our hero of the series used to work with the local police; he is now among the Sinaloan drug traffickers. He is setting up a plan to continue things in a new location due to government pressure, and he points to Guadalajara as the centre of that place. Meanwhile, we are witnessing the rise of Felix, who is seen as a rookie within the organization, with his clever plans and the birth of the Guadalajara cartel. Although he knows that it will take time for him to gain the rise and respect, he wanted in his cartel life, which he started as a rookie, Felix continues on his way with the belief that these days will come. He is an ambitious person who knows how to win.

Another hero of our story is DEA (American Drug Enforcement Agency) agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Pena), he became a DEA agent after 1980 and tried to prove himself here for five years. Although he tries hard, he cannot see the respect and value he wants in the organization. He then wants to be sent to a new place where he can prove himself. That place becomes Guadalajara. He takes his pregnant wife and child and settles in Guadalajara. The branch here has its own rules and order; That's why nobody wants to mix with meat and milk and get into trouble. Kiki has to work in his own way and somehow pull his team into this game. It takes a while for Kiki to adapt to his new environment and friends. The most important thing that helped him get through this process is his always supportive wife Mika (Alyssa Diaz). James Kuykendall (Matt Letscher) appears as Kiki's new supervisor.


Narcos's narrative and realism, one of the prime elements which engrossed one to squeeze more before the television. The series is faster and intriguing as like Narcos Season 1-3 because of the nature of the content and the perfect flawless narration. The season 1 will have the fall of Gallarado and transforms to his rise like a phoenix in season 2. Each episode is of 50mins as an average but the way it holds the suspense very well till the end even after checking in google or wiki about the biography was fascinating.


The music departments played a wonderful role while keeping the suspense factor and the nature of Mexico through the  background score. 

Narcos: Mexico is the best for the lovers of Narcos as it has the same thrilling experience. The Narcos Mexico has a transformation in the climax which was super enthralled which will hunger more for the next season. 


VR Critique Meter: 4/5

PS: Please watch the series in high definition or 4K enabled screen with Dolby surrounded speakers to feel the aura. I watched the series with High definition with HDR enabled screen along with Dolby surround speakers.


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