Thursday, November 12, 2020

LAXMII (2020)

Tamil remake created more noise but failed to impress.


VR Critique Meter: 1.5/5



  • Premiered Date: 9th November 2020
  • Genre: Horror, Comedy.
  • Language: Hindi
  • Subtitle: Yes
  • Runtime: 141mins
  • Streaming Portal: Disney + Hotstar.


Laxmii is the official remake of the Tamil movie KANCHANA released in 2011. The flick was a blockbuster flooded the theatres with family audiences acted and directed by Raghava Lawrence. LAXMII premiered in Disney+Hotstar multiplex is an exclusive release on 9th November 2020. Unfortunately, before getting released in Disney+Hotstar, it got pirated a few hours earlier was a horror to the production house and the OTT platform.


Jumping into the story of Laxmii, Asif (Akshay Kumar) the protagonist of the movie who does not believe in ghosts and urges people to come out of the paranormal trap lives with his beautiful wife Rashmi (Kiara Advani) and his late brother’s son. On their third wedding anniversary, they were requested to visit Rashmi’s parents' 25th wedding anniversary function. Asif and Rashmi were eloped and married without parent approval. So, Rashmi’s father did not like Asif. Hence, Asif decides to influence his father-in-law to make his wife happy. One day, Asif and a group of kids went out to play cricket in a deserted playground, a restless evil soul was triggered and possessed Asif. Who is that spirit, do the family taken help in exorcists the spirit from Asif which forms the remaining part of Laxmii.


Laxmii is the same as Kanchana's movie except for a few scenes. Raghava Lawrence made some changes to the family structure and the character of Asif from its original as in Tamil, the role of Raghava was a coward for ghosts and a superman against others. Spaced out the hero part from the plot and the screenplay, the portrayal, and their involvement was major pinpoints to the movie’s success which was missed in Laxmii. The characterization specifically the role of the mother portrayed by Kovai Sarala and sister-in-law portrayed by Devadarshini was a helicopter shot in Tamil, because of that character the audience was engrossed in the screen. The scenes like testing of paranormal activities at their home and the expose of the ghost and its atrocities are laughter therapy and spellbinding. The same was made cruel in Laxmii, even if we want to laugh it wouldn’t come. I didn't found ominous or humor instances in the movie.


Akshay portrayed as Asif has done a clean-slate performance predominantly in the transformation of Laxmii at the climax. His determinations were perceived on the screen. He is the only sailor who took the boat to the very end. The rest of the characters have done their part though it was still uncooked. If the efforts were made on picking the right primary artists then the movie would be a sure hit in all places of the continent. The songs except "Bam Bholle" rest is not good.


The first-ever high budget movie released exclusively on the OTT platform failed to impress the audience of whomsoever waited for the Hindi remake of Tamil horror comedy blockbuster, even it has imploded the audiences of Bollywood.

VR Critique Meter: 1.5/5



PS: Please watch the series in high definition or 4K enabled screen with Dolby surrounded speakers to feel the aura. I watched the series with High definition with HDR enabled screen along with Dolby surround speakers.


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