Saturday, October 3, 2020


Boring Thriller.


  • Released date: 2nd October  2020
  • Runtime: 120mins
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Language: Tamil
  • Director: Hemant Kumar
  • Streaming Portal: Amazon Prime Video. 


Silence a.k.a Nishabdham is a whodunit thriller released on Amazon prime video on 2nd October 2020. Madhavan, Anushka Shetty and Anjali did a pivotal role in the movie. The movie is directed by Hemant Madhukar. 



Antony (Madhavan) and Sakshi (Anushka) is recently engaged and came for a holiday trip. Antony is a distinguished and renowned cello player, Sakshi, a deaf and mute artist raised in an orphanage who recently shifted to Seattle. After their engagement, Sakshi was looking for a rare painting for her painting gallery where she works for to do a replica. She comes to know that the painting is in a house which was haunted for 46 years. When they both take off to get the painting, Antony was killed and crucified and Sakshi was heavily injured. 

Maha (Anjali) a detective cop of the Seattle police department along with his captain Richard (Michael Madsen) investigating the case. It was rumoured that Antony was killed by the ghost as the house was said to be haunted. Despite all rumour, the detectives are looking to unravel the killer.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, many girls and women are missing including Sakshi’s best friend Sonali and that case were still open and cold. Who killed Antony? Does it really a ghost? Will be the remaining story.


Silence started in 1972, where a couple living in a house, the husband was killed and crucified. From that moment the house was named as the haunted house. In 2019, the house was renovated. History repeats when Antony was killed in the same way how the husband in 70’s killed. Anjali as Maha stands great. she narrates her experience in the case. The flashback and the plan were good but Maha itself narrates the story word by word which spoils the ambience of watching the movie.

The movie was about to be a whodunit, missed to be one when the complete story was narrated. The plot was open from there and the screenplay completely horrible. 

The movie relates to Kamalhaasan and Bharathiraja ”Sivappu Rojakkal” released in 1978 but missed being one. The screenplay, editing and songs spoiled the thrilling experience.

Madhavan and Anushka has done their part but they are not utilized well. Kill Bill movie fame Michael Madsen gives his impression in the movie like his dessert. Anjali tried to be great in this weaken plot. Shalini Pandey and Subbaraju have done their part. The dialogue was awful, looking like a dubbed movie. 

The music score was done by Gopi Sundar and it was conceivable. The camera work is great and eye-catchy. Overall, the bilingual Tamil-Telugu movie missed its destination to be a cliff-hanger but ends up boring. 



PS: Watch the movie in high definition screen or TV with surround sound to enjoy the experience. I watched the movie in 4K television with surround speakers.


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