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An Emotion Triggered Social Awareness Drama.  

VR Critique Meter: 4/5

  • Released date: 2nd October 2020
  • Language: Tamil
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: P.Virumandi
  • Runtime: 177mins
  • Streaming Portal: Zeeplex/ Zee5

Ka.Pae.Ranasingam is released in Zeeplex on Oct 2nd, 2020. P.Virumandi directed the movie, Vijay Sethupathi, and Aishwarya Rajesh did a centrifugal role in the movie. The movie is a social message drama that explains about foreign land work, Local politics on Government office, awareness to overcome it. Ka.Pae.Ranasingam is a women-centric based movie. 


Ranasingam (Vijay Sethupathi), a land-water identification specialist and a social activist in a small village of Ramanathapuram district fell in love with Ayanachi (Aishwarya Rajesh) a bold village girl with a stronghold voice. They both got married. Being a social activist he fights for rights like groundwater for his and surrounding villages. At one moment, the support which he got from his people went diminished due to their unfulfilled duties. Hence he decides to fulfill his wife's dreams to work for some time until his family settles. 

He leaves for Saudi for working in an oil plant in the middle of the sea leaving her pregnant wife who is almost to the due date. On a fine day of his daughter's ear piercing function, news came that Ranasingam was dead in an accident in his workspace. The young and bold Ayanachi got devastated into pieces and reaped more when she heard the formalities to get her husband's body back. 

Ayanashi along with her husband’s sister started to approach the government office to seek help which in turn all the doors are getting bounced back making them suffer more. Ten months passed, as no help came so far, Ayanachi decides to take a lead to approach the next level. What happens next? Does she get her husband's body back?


The flick starts with the suffering of people who walks long with empty water pots to get drops of water in the very early morning and the suffering for not able to do agriculture in their lands. The movie also explains about the power of women in handling their emotions to win their rights. The writer Virumandi crafted the character of Ayanachi by keeping the legendary women Kannagi in mind who burnt the city of Madurai as her husband was falsely punished and then murdered. 

Aishwarya Rajesh as Ayanachi stood like Kannagi on the screen, her emotions are spellbinding and astonishing. Her acting is growing day by day and she would be a legend one day that is for sure. Vijay Sethupathi on the other hand, his screen presence was very less but his realistic acting as like a villager has engrossed the audience to him, even his death affects the audience as well. Apart from the two, all other artists have done their role very well which has given a solid foundation to the movie. 

Music by Gibran, the title track about the working persons abroad was great, it intrigued. The melody is also a humming note. The background score has given an aura to the movie. The cinematography has shown the red sand village remarkably and the undisturbed culture followed in the village, it remains my native. The dialogues are laser-sharp and cut to the point. The last 20mins is wow and emotional.

The length of the movie, 180mins which is the only disappointment. Too much lengthy screenplay made the audience to test their patience of crouching that much time in the same place. Due to this, the social message drama turned into a melodrama. If the movie is shortened to 120mins, then it is a perfect social drama. 

Overall, Ka.Pae.Ranasingam a fabulous strong social drama with astonishing writing and characterization.  Aishwarya Rajesh will be praised and deserved to be recognized. 

VR Critique Meter: 4/5

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