Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Greyhound has survived the night.


  • Released date: 10th July 2020
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Runtime: 91mins
  • Genre: Action, history, thriller, Drama.
  • Streaming portal: Apple TV+



Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks), a long-serving officer in the US Navy, finally entrusted his first command as captain in the winter of 1941. His first mission is a dangerous mission, as he is ordered to bring a convoy of 37 Allied ships, the soldiers and material across the Atlantic to the Transport Normandy, escort with some warships. The risk is particularly high in the middle of the ocean called Black Pit”, where the convoy cannot be supported by the Air Force.


When they reach the black pit, the Air Force has left their support and returned to their base. There would be radio silence with the Air Force for 56 hours. The navy of Nazi Germany has enough powerful submarines came in a pack and started to attack each of their warships. Krause, without air support, counting the remaining hours for the support taking careful steps and doing counter attacks with the help of his men and equipment.


What happens next? Does he successfully evaded the German troops and crossed the Atlantic is the remaining flick.



The movie is based on the novel by C.S. Forester. The movie has a stronghold screenplay which embraces us till the end. The scenes where the German submarines sent a torpedo, Krause, to identify the trajectories of the missile, make countermeasures to counter-attack the invisible opponent was marvellous. They can celebrate victory only when they see oil spread on the sea. The tension was spreading all over the warship apparently transferred to us as well.


The movie shows a humble, straightforward Ernest Krause who valiantly swallows his own fear and weakness in exceptional circumstances in order to provide a service to the best of his ability that he has recognized as necessary and morally correct. One thing which really awful is the CGI, the sea scenes and the night shots are pitted dark (which are the most critical one), not able to understand what is actually happening even after keeping the brightness on 600nits.


The background score is really wonderful especially the theme of the wolf pack. Diving into the acting and the characterization, Tom Hanks plays the mastery role of a captain of the ship. His screen presence has a sea profundity holding the viewers till the end and the weightage for the remaining of the characters are none. The entire movie was one-sided, we do not see the enemy except their voice.


Overall, the Greyhound has told a survival story of a captain who successfully completed his first mission as a commander evading the German navy wolf pack with thrilling moments.




PS: Please do watch the movie in a high definition screen with a surround system to enjoy the movie with proper clarity. I watched the movie in high definition screen with Dolby enabled sound system.

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