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The history’s greatest Heist which is entertaining and can be completed in a day.

My VR Critique Meter: (3.75/5)

  • Original Title: El Robo del Siglo
  • Released Date: 14th August 2020
  • No of Season: 1
  • No of Episodes: 6
  • Runtime: 42mins per episode
  • Language: Spanish
  • Dubbed: No
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Streaming Portal: Netflix


After the succession of Money Heist series, Netflix bagged rights of a Spanish crime thriller series called The Great Heist (El Robo del Siglo). It is a mini-series with 6 episodes has a runtime of 42mins per episode. Pablo Gonzalez has created the episodes in such a way it shouldn’t disturb the original occurrence by putting a big disclaimer at the start of every episode, it’s worth pointing out that this is a dramatic re-enactment of what happened and not a historically accurate account of the heist.


The Great Heist comprehensively explains Colombia’s century best and flawless heist in the history of 1994 with some flavors topped. With 24.72 billion Colombian pesos stolen which is equivalent of 41 million dollars in 1994, particularly no mortalities which proves that this truly was the Robbery of The Century. The heist holds the histories to date with the holding record for being the prime robbery involving the paper currency.


The flick starts with a failure heist of a two main protagonist, Roberto Lozano a.k.a Chayo and Molina a.k.a Lawyer. Chayo is Ambitious but down in luck which leads to a bankrupt jewelry shop and desperately needs cash to avoid imploding in both business and family. He seeks the help of his old pal Molina for one last heist to solve all of his problems. Molina on the other hand, who was having a kidney failure desperately need to do kidney transplantation, hence he wants money for his kidney and also to run his family happily.


After so much discussion and quarrel, finally, the duo comes to an agreement for doing a heist in Royal bank of Valledupar. The first two episodes set the scene to follow the introduction and the discussion for the heist but felt very skeptical about the planning. The next two episodes explain the heist with a lot of twists and turns which is worthy. The last two episodes portray the cat and mouse game between the robbers and the police, also within themselves. The pace which was on top gear in the first four episodes which gone downshifted to second gear in the last two episodes. But the scenes are intensely crafted which are very beautiful.



The subplot in the last 2 episodes made the series into a drama genre, added more characters into it which ultimately made a viewer get boredom. Apart from the two main characters, the rest of the characters like the roles of Dragon, Mrs.K, Chayo’s so-called son are plausible. The Background score given life to the screenplay but missed being intriguing.


Overall, The Great Heist is an incredibly great show to watch and one of the enjoyable series to watch in a day. If the series has explained more detailed in the plot of the robbery and eliminated the sub-plot it would be a great successful web series under the crime thriller genre.


My VR Critique Meter: (3.75/5)

  • Story: 1/2
  • The screenplay, Editing, and Dialog:  1/2
  • Visualization: 1/2
  • Casting & Acting: 1/2
  • Music and Background score: 1/2



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