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A life of an Indian Women who fought for us. The movie is missed to be flavored.

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  • Premiered Date: 12th Aug 2020
  • Genre: Biography, Drama
  • Runtime: 112mins
  • Language: Hindi
  • Dubbed: Tamil, English
  • Subtitle: Yes
  • Streaming Portal: Netflix


Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, is the story of a brave woman and was the only woman in the Indian Air Force pilot team at the time of Kargil war. Gunjan's journey has been on the chariot of stubbornness and desire. She learned from his father, never to give up hope if a dream is fixed.


Gunjan Saxena, jolts with a young Gunjan who desperately wanted to become a pilot, working very hard to achieve the goal with the guidance of her father. Mother not showing interest, opposing her actions and keeping a belief that she will forget of becoming a pilot one day but her belief died out into thin air as her dream is getting stronger. Her brother is very possessive towards her as she is adorable to all. What happens next is the remaining part of the movie.


The flick tells how Gunjan creates history while a woman battles a society and system limited to the responsibilities of marriage and kitchen. The debut director Sharan Sharma, an associate to Karan Johar, took the responsibility of telling the story to the viewers.  Pankaj Tripathi plays Gunjan Saxena's father in the film, who has re-energized the role of a broadminded father with his distinctive acting. Children, especially daughters, will learn from their fathers for better cultivate the future. The film blows in an eagle’s view of the world of father-daughter relationships.



Considering the cast and their acting, Janhvi Kapoor as Gunjan Saxena: she has done brilliant acting, her expressions are great. The duo of Janhvi and Pankaj Tripathi was the masterpiece for the movie. We ourselves will think for a minute, where we will be if our fathers are like this... Ha..Ha. Vineet Kumar as Flight commander Vineet Kumar Singh, a strict officer. Angad Bedi, Gunjan's army officer brother, could not create the sensation that belongs to an army officer, the scenes of Gunjan and her brother are boring and making a pause into the screenplay, especially in the climax.


Indian Air Force Officer - Gunjan Saxena and Jahnvi Kapoor


Director Sharan Sharma has made many places dull in the circle of dismissing the characters. The first 40mins of the movie had a very good hop in the screenplay which went unnecessary dip during the intermission, again a kickstart in the screenplay for few minutes, then a drop and finally ended with a tense climax. The get-up-and-go was not saved in the whole movie, if the writer and director showed more Kargil scenes, it will be great instead we will be seeing an ambitious woman crying and kept her sad face all along.


The dialogues of the film are also simple. Dialogues such as 'shed good tears and shed good sweat' and 'those who do not give up with hard work, do not leave them with luck', could not leave much impact. The song sung by Rekha Bhardwaj is the life of the film. Rest of the music failed to make an impact – Plausible. The focus of the entire team is on the training techniques of the Air Force Pilot was really made prodigious. The parts of the SSB Selection Center is also of notable one. The aerial shots are well taken.


The family of Gunjan Saxena


Overall, the movie is very successful in keeping engaged in the last half hour. The beautiful relationship and learning of the father-daughter have also been put on the camera. Despite all, The runtime is also prominent but missed to give flavors.


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