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DIRTY JOHN (2020) – SEASON 2 (Story of Betty Broderick)

 VR Critique Meter: (Rating: 4/5)

  • No of Season: 1
  • No of Episodes: 8
  • Runtime: 44mins per Episode
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Streaming portal: Netflix


Dirty John – Season 1 was adapted from the 6-episode, true-crime podcast by Wondery and the LA Times, released in 2017. The podcast was wildly popular and spent weeks at the top of the US iTunes podcast list, as well as topping lists in Australia, Canada, and the UK. It got a very good response from the critics and as well as the viewers.


Dirty John - Season 1


Dirty John – Season 2 adapted from the event of Mr. and Mrs. Broderick's case which was very popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s. the case received extensive media attention and was extremely controversial. Netflix produced this series with eight episodes in a runtime of 44mins per episode. If you ask me personally, I would recommend season 2 is perfect when compared to season 1.


Mrs. and Mr. Broderick


STORY: Dirty John – Season 2 (Betty Broderick Story), Betty (Amanda Peet) belongs to a stringent family, having dreams to work and atop in life, fell in love with a Med student Dan Broderick the third (Christian Slater), looks charming and tends to admire anyone with his sweet smile and energy. They both got married and started to lead a happy family. From her date of the marriage, Betty sacrificed herself all her dreams for his better half and started to take care of the family. 


Dan completes his medical degree and starts to do practice and found himself that it’s not good for him and planned to do J.D (Juris Doctor), as Medical plus Law will have a great future; hence he goes to Harvard for doing his degree, Betty takes care of the children. Their leads their early life struggling but both were very happy. He starts his own firm, got himself very popular, and starts to earn a great number.


Dan and Betty along with four children was living very happily. A cessation ensues to their happiness when Dan appointed a receptionist named Linda as her personal secretary. He fell in love with her wanted to move with her, meanwhile, Betty alleged that her husband is having an affair with Linda. When she confirms, Dan started to induce Betty to create issues for getting a divorce to marry Linda. Eventually, Betty murders both her husband and her second wife Linda in cold-blooded.

MY VR Critique Meter: ⭐(Rating: 4/5)


INTERESTING FACTOR: The series started from the middle of the story, where Betty crashes her car in the front door of Dan’s house which will make us misinterpret that Betty is the problem for the separation which will change in later episodes. 


The first few episodes of the series have traveled with three timelines, early stage of Dan and Betty, Their stage before their separation and the end. The editing was perfectly handled in such a way we will not feel confused. From the second episode itself, the viewers can say that Betty killed Dan. The later episodes have explained how she was induced to kill Dan. The creator has handled it very fragile from start to the end of the episode. Intriguing scenes between Dan and Betty, the viewers cannot take their eyes from them. The pain, Frustration, agony, suffering has handled it very well.

VR Critique Meter: (Rating: 4/5)


Highlights Which I enjoyed: A scene, when Dan along with his group of fellow law groups discuss, in fact, making a proper plan to get a divorce for one of their fellow mates, meanwhile, Betty making the friend who wants to get divorced, advising her not too, shows who is Betty? Her compassion for humanity and respect towards a family. The credit scene explained the vice versa version of Betty and Dan’s life for smoother separation. Also, it explains gaslighting in weddings and the mental health of women on divorces and children's custody.

VR Critique Meter: (Rating: 4/5)


Casting and Acting: The role of Betty (Amanda Peet) is fashionable and spellbinding. She holds her stronghold performance as a wonderful wife, caring mother, and of course a thrilled revenge taker. She has bagged the performance from a homemaker to a double murderer.  The role of Dan (Christian Slater) is stylish, professional, manipulative with his smile, convincing everyone with his manipulation to obtain a place in the society and of course using his Med Law studies as well.

VR Critique Meter: ⭐.5 (Rating: 4.5/5)


Reel and Real Couple


Music and Background scores: The entire series has covered with 80’s and 90’s score. It has traveled very nicely. But it didn’t create an impact as the score did in season 1.

VR Critique Meter: ⭐.5 (Rating: 3.5/5)


Conclusion: Dirty John – Story of Betty Broderick, is a typical drama, different from Season 1 but embraced totally towards the unforgettable portrayal of a mental breakdown due to marriage issues. And magnificent acting of Amanda Peet and Christian Slater.

VR Critique Meter: (Rating: 4/5)

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