Sunday, August 2, 2020

DANNY (2020)

Nothing more rather than Varalakshmi and Pinky Dog acting.

My VR Critique Meter: ⭐½


  • Released Date: 1st Aug 2020
  • Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller.
  • Language: Tamil
  • Subtitles: Yes, English
  • Streaming Portal: Zee5


Danny is released in Zee5 as world digital premiere, Directed by a debut director LC Santhanamoorthy, Produced by P.G.Muthiah, Santhosh Dhayanidhi did the background score and music to the movie. Varalakshmi SarathKumar and Pinky the dog in the lead role.


The flick is opening with a brutal murder in the middle of the agricultural land of temple town Thanjavur, where the body was completely burnt into ashes. The police identified that the body belongs to a lady and arrested her husband as a suspect. Since they are unable to find any evidence against him, the case was pending to be closed. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar portrayed as an honest and bold cop Kundhavi, recently promoted to Inspector taking charge found the brutal killing case, Since the case was not handled properly and finds discrepancies, she is taking charge of the case and started to investigate in her own angle. What happens next, is she catch the killer who behinds the killing?


Varalakshmi Sarathkumar – Her portrayal as a cop was astonishing, Her screen appearance was really good and holding to sit tight. Her reaction to: as a cop and as a sister was myriad. She appeared after 10mins of the movie. The dog called Pinky who acted under the movie name “Danny” – A cute, well trained Labrador dog, He is the hero of the movie, who finds the killer with its sniffing. Both Varalakshmi and the pinky deserves more screen presence, as few scenes of the initial stage were very horrible to handle, particularly the comedy scene between the cops and the doctor.


Apart from the main plot of whodunit, the movie has other sub-plots as well. The sister of Kundhavi (Varalakshmi), Danny handler Chidambaram (Vela Ramamoorthy) and startup romance of Neelakandan (Kawin), which actually added unwanted spices and made it ruined. The background music of the movie is passable especially the theme. The visual treat is considerably satisfactory, tried to give more colors but missed to deliver. The camera work and the editing have traveled along with the screenplay and are drivable.


The movie is taken in the surrounding of Thanjavur, A temple town of Tamil Nadu. Major highlight I feel is the runtime of the movie, just 90mins but that too felt like a decade because of the sluggish storytelling.

Overall, a Guessable storyline with Lethargic writing.

My VR Critique Meter: ⭐½

  • Interesting Meter:
  • Engaging Meter: ⭐½
  • Visualization:
  • Acting & Casting: ½
  • Music and Background Score: ½



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