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 The Right vs Might.

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  • Premiered Date: 7th Feb 2020
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Runtime: 177Mins
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Subtitle: Yes, English
  • Streaming Portal: Prime Video


The flick is about Right vs Might and a Good or Bad philosophical. A duel framed maintaining the tension all through the deadlock period.


Ayyappanum Koshiyum tells the story of 2 Protagonists who are each other’s antagonists as well but with a twist. From the very start of the movie, the duel started between the two protagonists/antagonist, holding the duel till the end. Koshy Kurian (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a hard-drinking ex-soldier with a temper that lands himself in trouble often. Ayyappan Nair (Biju Menon), a strict-law insisting cop, but easier to the “right” side mostly, want to move on with peaceful duty and law execution but has a history of violence and vendetta. A cop with an Untarnished 27 rare years of service.


The premiere is beginning with, Koshy is traveling with his driver Kumaran from Kattappana to Ooty via a small village called Attappadi which is said to be a liquor-free zone. He is carrying liquor bottles above the permissible quantity. He was stopped by the excise and cops and was pulled down from his car while sleeping. Since he was full-on alcohol, started to make trouble, Ayyappan Nair was forced to intervene to make him calm down to do the arrest. When Koshy challenged him to show what he can able to do, Ayyappan Nair did register a case formally against Koshy. There the duel starts between Koshy and Ayyappan Nair. 


Koshy feels he has both the right & might to win over Ayyappan or anyone by all means to settle the score caused in the drylands of Kerala. Ayyappan Nair, knowing Koshy is just arrogant by nature and forgivable to the offense committed. As he hates the structure which is influenced to those with the influence and the pressure it generates, Hence, he fights back arrogantly.


Consideration of the acting, Biju Menon scores first with his standing and strong performance. To his parallel, Prithviraj’s arrogant look with his thick beard and powerful performance. Both Hero-Hero or Villian-Villan proceed gruesomely to the inevitable duel. The interval block where Nair says to Koshy “This space is not enough for me” with his powerful tone and subtle body language was spellbinding. In simple lines, the pre-intermission was on the hands of Koshy and the post-intermission till the climax was with Nair. Each reflects of their egoistic mirrors was knockout. Apart from the two majors, a bunch of appropriate and fragile characters who takes side to the duel. They play their own role to influence the progress towards the end game — but as in any duel, the end game is owned by the fighters.


The Interval Scene


Music is passable but the background score was top-notch, especially the score for Nair. When I completed the movie, I felt why the writer and director made the movie for 3 hours, but it was worth it because, each scene replicates the pressure and the anger between the two. The end climax was the remedy or the outburst to the incidents that happened from scene one between. The entire 3 hours has the quality of embracing the viewers. I slipped to my edge of the seat in the climax. Must watch content.


The Climax Fight


My VR Critique Meter:

  • Interesting Meter: ½
  • Engaging Meter:
  • Visualization:
  • Casting & Acting: ½
  • Music and Background Score:


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