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Intriguing Whodunit thriller.

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  • Premiered Date: 3rd April 2011
  • No of Seasons: 01
  • No of Episodes: 13
  • Runtime: 45mins per Episode
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Streaming Portal: FOX Crime / Netflix had this content till 2018 as per Sources.


AMC has a good reputation for giving a wonderful series like “Breaking Bad”, “Walking Dead” both are equally good in their own ways. Now they have given another wonderful series called “The Killing” to its viewers.

“The Killing,” a fantastic whodunit thriller series adapted from a popular Danish television series “Forbrydelsen”, certainly qualifies as an uncertainty thriller. There are so many Scandinavian crime solvers, among all popular imports, “The Killing” stands out — it is as scary and suspenseful, but in a quiet, meditative way that is somehow all the more chilling.

This American version of “Forbrydelsen,” moves the story to Seattle, a West Coast city that in climate and glumness. The first season of the series on AMC is shorter than the original 20-part Danish series, which pierced the viewers in Britain. The debut opens with two women running, one a jogger pacing purposefully through the woods at the break of dawn, the other a terrified girl, clothes torn, crashing through trees and bramble in the dark of night, followed by an implacable flashlight. The murder of a high school girl quickly tangles the police, the victim’s family, and a prominent local politician who was upright for the Mayor.

Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos), a homicide detective who is supposed to move to California with her fiancé, but catches the case on her last day on the job. Sarah is quiet, even meditative, an observer who is paired with an assertive junior partner, Stephen (Joel Kinnaman), who previously worked narcotics undercover. They recognized that the victim is Rosie Larsen, starting the case from the victim’s parents, Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) and his wife, Mitch (Michelle Forbes). The duo is investigating in the victim’s school and friends as well along the way they found that their case is complicated by the mayoral campaign of Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell), a handsome city council president. The series is getting thick in finding the killer. Each episode is considered as 24hrs and it will show us how the investigation is carried out and the pain revolving around the family.


Apart from the main plot of finding the killer, the series has other plots as well. Sara’s love life and his son unlikelihood of being alone without his father, Life of the victim’s family, Mayoral candidate Darren, his struggle to become the Mayor, his life of losing his wife and lastly the school teacher who hides a 12-year girl who wants to leave for Canada.


The writer Veena Sud has wonderfully recreated the series based on the Danish television series “Forbrydelsen”. Every episode will have intriguing factors that will keep u guessing what next. The writer has shown hurt, Frustration, sarcasm, vengeance, agony between the characters. There's a certain piece of music that appears on every episode on the final scene. This music is a newer, a bit different, version of a piece of music from the original Danish Forbrydelsen (2007) series (that was also scored by the same composer, Frans Bak). Unlike the American The Killing (2011), there was a soundtrack release for the Danish series, and on the soundtrack, the music is track 10, entitled "Waiting". The first and second season of this remake follows the plot of the original season of Forbrydelsen (2007) closely, including the many different avenues of investigation, such as the stolen politician's car, the Halloween party, the relationship with her teacher, etc.


Overall, Good whodunit thriller with much exciting feature, it would be wonderful if they limited the series episodes.


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