Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Eternal love went uncooked..

  • Release Date: 3 July 2020
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Subtitle: English
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Who to Watch: U Rating.
  • Runtime: 123mins



A love tale of Sujata and the priest Sufi.

Sujata (Mute) portrayed by Aditi Rao Hydari fell in love with a priest called Sufi portrayed by Dev Mohan. He was the one who does the call of the ‘azaan’, through a harmonious voice and he was one of the disciples the head of the mosque. When Sujatha’s father came to know about their love, He made her marry an NRI doctor Rajeev depicted by Jayasurya. When they two lovebirds get separated Sufi left his rosary with her as a symbol of their love.

Rajeev, Who was an NRI doctor in Dubai having a skeptical relationship with Sujatha. Ten years later, the couple came to know that the Sufi was dead. Rajeev plans to take her to their native to attend his ceremony. What happens next is the plot.

The flick has the same pace from the start to the end. The cinematography is usually wonderful, It absorbs the attention of viewers with the ambiance of Kerala. The music is really good and the songs were up to the mark. The movie has tried to show the love between the two which went in a different way.

Overall, The movie has missed being engrossing in the romantic melodrama.


My VR Critique Rating: 4.8/10

  • Plot: 4/10
  • Screenplay: 4/10
  • Cinematography: 6/10
  • Casting & Acting: 4/10
  • Background Score: 6/10


Likes and Dislikes

  • The plot is preliminary and fabby writing which gives an uncooked movie. If the writer focuses on the acting and the expressions of the artists, there might be a likelihood of the movie gone solid.
  • The screenplay has also followed the same with the plot as it adds too many flavors of suspense which can be easily predictable.
  • The acting of Hydari is soggy, She was lovely in the screen presence but missed to be eliciting in acting, Since she was mute, Expressions is the most important tool which will add spice to the part, it went cross fired, She didn’t do that. Mass blunder to the plot.
  • The screen presence of the Sufi by Dev Mohan, we can see a halo on him.
  • The role of Rajeev by Jayasurya, He is the one who clenches the rope till the end as a jealousy husband and as a man who yearns for his partner’s romance.
  • Prime video has missed it’s another exclusive movie.




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