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 Best cult series ever created...

  • Streaming period: 1997-1998
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
  • No of Seasons: 1
  • No of Episodes: 79
  • Runtime: 22mins per Episode
  • Language: Tamil
  • Subtitle: No


A story revolves around a small village called Thottakaaramangalam and about an avatar of Lord Vishnu - Kalki, The ender of Kali-yuga. (Named Karuppu)


For a lot of 90's kids, TV was the world, where we have a single cartoon channel with repetition of episodes of the same cartoon, few favorite shows in Sun TV like Pepsi ungal choice, and few more. In that period Sun Tv was a blockbuster channel for us. "India Tholai kaatchigalin mudhal murayaaga" who will forget those memories and even we would read in the same dialect here. Even those remembrances will always be lived in at the bottom of our hearts. One extremely touching thriller horror show which has won a lot of audiences does not available in any language until it was dubbed. When it was Wednesday night and the clock touches 8.30 PM, it would be a goosebumps and horror full night for 90's kid even for senior generations as well.


Marmadesam - A fabulous mesmerizing Tamil TV show ever created by a combo of Indira Soundarajan and Naaga. That series name has gone viral from the voice over in the title card apart from the script and the cast. The entire series was produced by Kavithalaya - K.Balachandar. The series is of five seasons which was

1. Siththarpatti Ragasiyam

2. Vidathu Karuppu

3. Sorna Regai

4. Iyanthira paravai.

5. Ethuvum Nadakkum


Fiery Horse - From the credits scene.

The first two seasons and the last stood under the combo of Naaga and Indira Soundarajan. Out of these seasons, Vidathu Karuppu went blockbuster due to the thrilling factor, and the mystery unfolded till the last, hence our expectation level also took off to a cliff. The season was 79 episodes with an average of 22mins per episode. The season was telecasted on sun tv once in a week for 79 weeks. It took one and a half years for an audience to complete the season. We do not have the internet or a website to release a spoiler or a YouTuber who gives reviews about the series. So, Imagine how hard it would be to hold the expectation level under control.


I am a hardcore fan for the banner, At least I will watch this series once in a year, wholly. Along with the Marma Desam banner, there is another Tamil TV series called Chidambara Ragasiyam which is also one of the record hits in the crime, Thriller genre. The bad thing is none is there like Kavithalaya who has replenished all their old TV contents to digital content and giving it for free to do the same for Chidambara Ragasiyam series.


The movie is based on Indira Soundarajan’s book called "Vittu Vidu Karuppa". The book was very well converted to a tv series. The book explains about the superstition followed in the village Thottakaaramangalam.


Book - Vittu Vidu Karuppa - Available in Amazon Kiddle.

Diving into the story, The story was knitted with past and present. Taking past first, A small village called Thottakaramangalam in the south part of Tamil Nadu, Where there was a family of Aanaimudi whose mother was Pechi, a cruel, vigilant, bold, cunning lady who controls the entire village since she lends money on interest to the people. She has three children, Aanaimudi, the elder one with good in heart but cruel in mind like her mother, The second was Kattayan, mother alike but stupid, Addicted to drinking and womanizer and the last one was Sivakami, kind and clever. The story revolves around the cruel lady Pechi and the rise of Kalki avatar Karuppu Sami. It was shown through the eyes of Rajendran, son of Aanaimudi, and a favorite of Karuppu Sami, as Karuppu himself has given his weapon called “Aruva” (Sword) to Rajendran. The entire past was twisted with “Pon Paanai” - Golden Treasure and the rise of Karuppu Sami, the god who was the savior of the village and the fall of antagonist Pechi.


The present, In a city, Doctor Rathna who was in love with his fellow doctor Aravind, but not revealing to him due to some strict conditions made on their family by their god Karuppu. Reena, A young doctor with broad-minded, frenetic trying to solve the issue between the love birds. For that, She along with Rathna going to their village Thottakaaramangalam. The small boy Rajendran now becomes a man with a big mustache, coming to pick her sister Ratha and her friend Reena. (Yes, Rathna was the sister of Rajendran, Aanaimudi has three children, Rajendran, Rathna and Lakshmi). Reena stayed there for a while and tried to know about the village and the religious methods followed. Since the entire village is completely on superstition towards Karuppu Sami, Reena started to untie the knots on breaking the illusion.


Karuppu Sami, God riding on a white horse kills the people who do immoral activities in the village of Thottakaramangalam and saves the people against bad. The people of the village Thottakaramangalam are frightened of Karuppu and follow the rules properly, Especially, the family of Aanaimudi has to follow as per instruction given by Karuppu himself due to the sin done in the past. As per the people of the village, Karuppu was originated only to kill Pechi and from that moment, the village was cleansed. But the curse was continuing on the Aanaimudi family, Rajendran’s uncle Kattayan’s one eye and his hand was cut off by Karuppu as he was molesting women of the village, her aunt Sivakami was married to a burglar, the despair Pechi’s ghost was surrounding her house called Kasi Thoppu Bungalow after her death and the restrictions on their family by Karupph himself.


Karuppu Sami - From Title Scene

The mystery of “Pon Paanai” which was concealed by the criminal genius Pechi before her death and left clues to unhide it. The Mystery of Dr.Nanda, a mentor to Dr.Reena and Rathna. Nanda receives a book and sword from an unknown person Suryanarayana, where Nanda’s photo was drawn and mentioned about Kaliyugam and Karuppu. Dr.Nanda started to explore and found his search is at Thottakaaramangalam. Apart from this, there are few subplots like the love of Lakshmi and Vathiyaar’s (Teacher) son, the vengeance of Vaathiyaar on Pechi, The fall of Paranthaman family by Pechi.


The character of Rathna (Devadharshini), She won’t stop talking until she knows it completely. She knows that Rajendran (Chettan) is having a crush on her, Even she too has, but willingly sacrifices for the other girl who was about to marry him. The way she uncovers the mystery of Karuppu, Pon Paanai was meticulous. The character of Pechi is top-notch, the way she behaves as greedy, vigilant, and as a criminal genius who cannot have words to tell. The way she controls each and every individual when a group of people come to her house and threaten her younger son for molesting a girl, she casually comes and handles everyone just like that was unimaginable, Particularly the voice of her was ominous. The perfect example of telling her as a criminal genius was the way she kept the people unfolded the place of priceless hidden treasure for twenty years and outstanding performance from Aanamudi, his wife, Sivakasmi role, Bramma role by Ponvannan, Vathiyaar Rudrapathi role by Poovilangu Mohan and Nandha character by Mohan Ram.

Criminal Genius - Pechi Kizhavi

Mighty Rajendran, A wonderful actor, He himself becomes a part of Rajendran, We can clearly see from his face, A bold look but cowardly, Light hearted, lovable one, having a huge love for Reena, but frightened to reveal it to her. He has won the screen presence. The character of the young boy Rajendran, I am unable to get his name, His acting was impressive, the way he shows the expression in the first half was distinctive and it totally contrasts in the second half. This will be pointable when the knots are untwined in the end. The games which he plays were unique which are only be understandable by the seniors.

Young Rajendran

The present will have two protagonists, Rajendran and Reena who tried to uncover the place of hidden Pon Paanai (Treasure), and Reena herself only believes that Karuppu is a normal person, who killing people in disguise uncover the truth very boldly and the reasoning matches the person why he was Karuppu.


The entanglement between the past and the present and the unravel was spellbinding. The series has 79 episodes, each episode will have thrilling moments that intrigued us to guess what next.? Indira Soundarajan has taken mythological events of Vishnu avatar Kalki and Kaliyugam was remarkable. The way Naaga has taken and presented visually was outstanding. The cinematography in showing the village, the color codes used in both Past and present was great and eye-catchy. The dialogs were wow, the timing comedies with sarcasm, wonderful explanation through dialogs. As a viewer, we will be very clear what we are watching and makes us guess what happens next, we will continue it through the eyes of Reena and Rajendran. The director has maintained that secret species till the end.


Overall, the best classic cult series ever created in any language so far.


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