Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Uncooked Kollywood drama

  • No of Season: 1.
  • No of Episodes: 5
  • Runtime: 25mins per Episode
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller.
  • Language: Tamil
  • Rating: 18+

A single widow mother along with her dumb daughter relocating to Chennai from Bangalore to start a fresh life after their personal strategy. What happens when her daughter gone missing.?

A single widow mother portrayed by Poorna with her dumb daughter Aishu portrayed by baby Aaradhya relocating to Chennai from Bangalore, they rent out a flat in the ninths floor, Priya is suspecting something about the sixth floor since whenever the lift is crossing the sixth floor the lights are flickering and lift malfunctions. Santhosh portrayed by Amzath is a delivery boy who has a backstory, Two years before, he made an accident and a kid got hurt, he deliberately leaves the scene which made him feel guilt till present. He met Priya when she misses her purse in the road, he returns to her. Priya’s daughter Aishu got missed when Priya and Santhosh was talking. Priya got panicked and starts to search for her along with Santhosh is Kannamoochi.

Episodes are made intriguingly with the background score and Poorna’s acting but failed due to fabby writing, it is making us get boredom easily like the supernatural elements of the sixth floor. The writer deliberately added it seems to add some spice to the plot. Child abuse (Pedophile) is the epicenter of the series which was not taken in a proper way. Few scenes of the perpetrator in his early days were grimace and lecherous. There is a bizarre sidebar about child porn, the scene presses more on a government-issued laptop than child porn itself. Also, the scene of freezing children's bodies are frown made diabolical.

Cinematography has shown the city so beautifully, the lighting and color codes of places are really nice which was eye catchy engrossing our attention to the detailing, but too much in the killer's den which felt horrible.

Overall, Kannamoochi missed being thrilling and horrifying.

My VR Critique Rating: 4.8/10
Story: 3/10
Screenplay: 3/10
Cinematography: 6/10
Casting: 5/10
Background Score: 7/10

Likes and Dislikes
  • Poorna's acting was realistic, her powerful eyes itself shows so many expressions.
  • Cinematography is well and good in few places.
  • The background score has taken up ahead from the start till the end.
  • The plot is soggy which destroyed all the above.
  • It should be a short film.
  • The opening scene was just a timepass, Why director added that.? - Major miss to the screenplay.
  • Timeline collapses - Like 14 Years before, 5 Years before.
  • The casting - Kid will be of at least 8-10 years old, but she was 5 according to the movie was averse.
  • A police investigation was very slow, Inspector role portrayal by Sri Sharan was not suited to him, he better should have taken that delivery boy or husband role.
  • The backstory of the perpetrator in the last was dawdling the screenplay.
  • Priya's husband's death bed promises actually frazzled which watch.

Who should watch: If you have plenty of time doing loitering can watch, it will pass some time.



  1. Whether this can be compared to any other Drama which has same sort of story-plot ?

  2. All pedophile based can be compared with this plot.


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