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Impressive series keeps the prying till the ultimate end.

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  • Premiered Date: 21st July 2020
  • No of Seasons: 1
  • No of Episodes: 6
  • Runtime: 30mins per episode
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Language: German
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Dubbed: English
  • Streaming Portal: Netflix


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After the succession of German series Dark, I would suggest the binge-watchers to watch How to sell drugs online (Fast), as it delivers what we expect. Impressive series keeps the prying till the ultimate end.

Season 1 of the series How to sell drugs online (Fast) has gone viral globally due to the frenetic screenplay and the visualization, of course, the acting also has given an appropriate build to the story. The end of season 1 ended with a twist, Lisa found a huge stash of drugs on Moritz place. Season 2 started with a happy face, where Moritz, Lenny, and Dan are having a success party at which all three are discussing to shutdown “MyDrugs”. They are stemming a plan for that and preparing themselves to inform their dealer about the stoppage. Both Lisa and Moritz are into a relationship which was so lovely. Lenny, he has met his mysterious girlfriend and started to have a relationship. Dan, being a successful logistics head-on MyDrugs, he is now getting along with the other two personally. Does “MyDrugs” was shut down? What happens next is the remaining flick.


Lenny and his mysterious Girl friend Kira

The performance of Maximilian Mundt is definitely the perfect choice for the role of Moritz. He is a nerd with a cool heart. He knows what he wants but due to his emotional decisions, he messes all it up many times which we witness in most of the episodes. His character development is the best so far. Lenny played by Danilo Kamperidis is an adorable character. We can definitely call him ‘the most likable character of the series.


The team of three - MyDrugs head office

Dan’s character development also needs to be appreciated because of many reasons. Damian Hardung improves his role to a good extent. In season 2 he turns out to be a sweet person. Roland Riebeling as Jens Zimmermann is the kind of father Moritz deserves. He’s funny & happy. All his scenes in season 2, gives you a happy vibe. Lisa’s character doesn’t add spices this time also apart from being with Moritz. In the season 1 narrative, she was shown by giving an interview which assumes that she would be into the company in season 2, but assumptions failed.


Season 2 is a bit complex than season 1 maybe that’s something the writers contrived to clear path for season 3. The other thing about the show that impresses the viewers very much from the first season is the vivid writing and direction of it. The creators Philipp Käßbohrer & Matthias Murmann intensely portrayed a high school crime drama in an entertaining way. The awkward comedy is the thing that keeps the show alive until the very end.

MyDrugs - Conference

I finished the whole season in one go. The unexpected twists keep engaged and the funny sequences make it even interesting to watch. The wind-up was a little bit upsetting but to think in an eagle’s eye, The path for season 3 is so clear right now.

Overall, How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) season 2 is quite impressive and satisfying with respect to what we expect.

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  • Acting & Casting: ½
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