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HOW TO SELL DRUGS ONLINE (FAST) – SEASON 1 (2019) - Podcast in Tamil

A Series for Generation Z..

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  • Released Date: 31st May 2019
  • No of Seasons: 1
  • No of Episodes: 6
  • Runtime: 30mins per Episode
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Comedy.
  • Language: German
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Streaming Site: Netflix
  • Podcasting Language: Tamil

A lot of Teen shows are revolving around in streaming sites: 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, Sex Education, The Society etc... How to sell drugs online (Fast) is best for its own creative writing and the screenplay which made us be embraced till the end. The series has 6 episodes with a runtime of 30mins. Even the runtime also one of it’s superlative to give a wonderful complete comedy crime drama.


The plot of the series is modest, Two seventeen-year-old teen nerds, One Lenny Sander (Danilo Kamber) a physically challenged who says that he is going to die in sometime in episode one, A loyal and best friend to Moritz Zimmermann (Maximillian Mundt), Moritz, another nerd waiting for his childhood sweetheart Lisa Novak who is now returning from a foreign country. These two nerds do not mingle with anyone in their school, forever trying to make a real business out of their technical skills. When Moritz’s girlfriend dumped him, out of frustration and to win her back, he was induced to sell drugs online on the dark web with his close buddy Lenny and eventually becomes one of the Europe’s youngest and biggest drug dealers.


The entire series was a narrative of Moritz himself about his journey as an online drug dealer. He was giving an interview. when Lisa breaks his relationship with Moritz, as she feels that she was changed. Confused Moritz, to win her back, he hacked her Facebook account and came to know she is having a habit of taking MDMA ecstasy drug and texting Daniel Riffert (Damien Hardung), High school’s famous guy who was one of the dealers of drugs. Moritz found his supplier and made a deal with him to become himself a dealer. Since his plan got defusal and he spent his company initial funds into it, He plans to open an online drug portal on the dark web to earn the money back. With the help of Lenny, they both started a website and started to do online drug dealing. They take one step at a time growing their business from dark web to actual web. What happens next is the remaining flick.


Moritz and Lenny - On developing a portal for selling illegal Drugs

Apart from the main plot, the personal stories of each of the characters hold your attention. Moritz lives with his cop dad and little sister; the family having been abandoned by the mother. Lenny is a terminally ill disabled genius. Dan is the rich brat who has his own set of emotional hassles that is revealed through the season. And Lisa, the young teen who is trying to find herself, literally.


Great presentation on showing the things. There is social media, technology, the dark web, and more. And the technical applications and visuals almost take you on a trip, even without the pills that the boys get around to selling online. The episodes are short too, almost catering to Generation Z – quick, to the point, and full of information too. The explanation for MDMA Ecstasy was splendid.

MDMA Ecstasy drug pill.

The entire series is based on a true story, the real protagonist named Maximilian S who had developed a successful online drug dealing business when he was just 18. It has been reported that while Maximilian worked alone and on the dark web, he made a few mistakes offline that eventually led to his supply chain and finally to his arrest. He was tried as a minor and got seven years in prison and has been serving since 2015. He has even been forthcoming with information on his business which has helped make this series seem quite authentic.


Season 1 tops at an exciting twist and turns, wherein Lisa has a change of heart and is bending in the direction of getting back with Moritz and discovers a huge stash of ecstasy pills in his bedroom. With a glimpse of both Lisa and Lenny also giving interviews which makes us watch the season 2.

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Engaging Meter: ½


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