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Must watch, Go do Dark...

My VR Critique Meter: 

  • No of Seasons: 3
  • No of Episodes: 26
  • Runtime: 60mins per Episode
  • Language: German / English Dubbed
  • Subtitle: English
  • Genre: Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama.
  • Who to Watch: 18+


A saga of four families with mystical events set in a German town called Wenden

Dark series revolves around four families, Tiedemann’s, Kahnwald’s, Nielsen’s, and Doppler’s. Keeping all characters in mind as tough as it has more characters which are very important as it will decipher mysteries. To comprehend the story, one should have a notepad with a pen to take hints.

To be precise, in the present of 2019, A boy called Mikkel vanished and none can able to find out where he disappeared. In the same time, Mickeal Kahnwald committed suicide, There the story is slowly getting into pace, Mickeal has a son called Jonas, He is one of the protagonists of the story who tried to solve the mystery of missing Mikkel, his father suicide and the apocalypse which was about to occur, by doing time travel with the help and guidance of old Claudia who will be one of the most important characters. Shh. No spoilers, will explain about her later. 

The story revolves in various timelines like 1921, 1954, 1986, 2020, and 2053. We cannot able to find any mistakes in the time travel since it was clearly explained how it was functioning.

The pace of the series will engross the viewer’s slowly and will keep it till the credit. The first two seasons will give an explanation about the timeline and the life of each character and their repetition but cleverly nowhere told why it will repeat and who caused the repetition. Without showing the full picture the writer has hold the viewer’s to his attention was spellbinding.

The below picture itself shows the entire plot and story line of Season one and Season two. Great thanks to whoever did this family tree.

Dark Season 1 & 2 Timeline

Also, a complete timeline of Season 1 and Season 2 link is attached in this post, please have those while you watch season one and two. It will be much useful.

Dark Season 1 and 2 Timeline

At the end of Season Two, the Writer has given a climax with the introduction of parallel world character Martha was unpredictable and meticulous. It will keep us guessing what will happen in Season three.

Season three is an ultimate salute to the complexities and knots human emotions can create. And it’s delivered in a chilling yet precise manner. The time travel continues, but this season adds another dimension to the story, literally — an alternate Winden, where Jonas is never born. Where Martha is the protagonist.

The two join together to unravel the mystery. Episode seven of season three will explain the connection between season one and two. In season one we will see old Jonas as Adam, In this world, Old Martha is Eve. They become like Adam and Eve: arch enemies driven by their own strong emotions towards each other, In cut and short – A fight between dark and light. Most importantly the character of Claudia played a much more complex character than the other two, who is the one who solves the mystery of the repetition and who caused it.

The last two episodes uncover more new characters and the importance of it in this story. But this story revolves only within the four families but in different timelines which actually one needs to understand and memorize all the characters. The end climax will remind us of the movie Avengers: End Game. But the creators have managed to justify even the mirroring effect in the title roles with the events in the season. The visual continuity created with a warp effect is another masterstroke.

Overall, felt few misses and mistakes but that’s a drop in an ocean, a glitch in the matrix. Ha..Ha.


My VR Critique Meter: 

  • Interesting -
  • Engaging -
  • Acting and Characters - ½
  • Visually Awesome -
  • Music and Background Score -

Likes and Dislikes

  • The plot is very well crafted to keep it engaged, but a very complex story to understand by all types of audiences. Hence, minimizing 0.5 for the plot.
  • Fantastic The screenplay, Cinematography, and Acting. A great salute to the German writers.
  • The Ominous background score was tremendous.
  • The Screenplay was frenetic and punctilious.
  • The series subtlely won the viewer's heart.

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