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Feminist Perspective but Missed being Entertaining.

My VR Critique Meter:  ⭐½

  • No of Seasons: 1
  • No of Episodes: 10
  • Runtime: 55mins Per Episode
  • Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Who to Watch: 18+
  • Streaming Portal: Netflix


Cursed is adapted from the popular graphic novel by Frank Miller and Thomas Wheeler. In a retelling of the Arthurian legend, teenage sorceress Nimue joins forces with a young and charming mercenary named Arthur on a mission to save her people.


In Netflix's Cursed, the legend of King Arthur is reimagined to be a different hero as the survivor of a fateful. The Lady of the Lake, otherwise known as Nimue. But just who is Nimue, A bold young girl with mystical powers on a journey to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. The story is taking us for a spin with the female protagonist Nimue on the legends of King Author. The series has explained the facts of Arthurian legend from a different perspective, it suggests that Arthur did not find the sword. Rather Nimue or Lady of the Lake, a mystical character in Arthurian legend, possessed it first.

Author with the Sword of Power

The Cursed foretells its Lady of the Lake as a young enchantress descended from the fey, a race of woodland beings with miraculous healing abilities and a storied, mythical past. The fey's are tormented by the Red Paladins, a group of religious extremists working at the command of King Uther Pendragon to purify the country of all non-human individuals. The Red Paladins seek to slaughter every member of the fey in mass genocides, with the goal of protecting King Uther's rule from magical threats. When the Red Paladins set siege to Nimue's village, Nimue is entrusted with a legendary Sword of Power by her wounded mother, who encourages her daughter with her dying breath to deliver the sword to Merlin, the famed sorcerer.

Merlin - With the Fey Fire Power

The spectators will learn that this ancient sword was forged with fey magic, capable of eliminating hordes of enemies, and that it is the last hope of Nimue's endangered people. The pace which was in the start was impeded in the next episodes, the embracement was left unharmed which became boredom in the later episodes.

Katherine Langford stars as Nimue and she does a wonderful job. She was known for Netflix series 13 Reasons. Apart from her, The character of Merlin done by Gustaf known for Westworld, Vikings has done a magnificent role as a sorcerer.

Nimue - With the Sword of Power

The cinematography work was mesmerizing, the places, the wardrobes of the artist, the palaces, the place around the woods was eye-catchy. The plot was nice which can be intriguing, but it missed being it.


The trailer was very intriguing and the episodes 1 and 2 as well, but entirely it missed later. The Series tried to show the engaging factor at first which got bored after that, as a spectator I was forced to complete it. The series was tried to be women-centric but missed to show other cast and not given importance to it especially for the Author role. The visualization has embraced its grip from start to the end. Background score was endorsing but not worth for this kind of genre.

Overall, It is good to be from the feminist perspective but missed being entertaining.

My VR Critique Meter:  ⭐½

Intriguing Meter: ½

Engaging Meter:

Artist and Casting: ½


Music and Background Score: ½




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