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​A Great itch for Scary..

  • No of Seasons: 1
  • No of Episodes: 8
  • Runtime: 45mins
  • Language: French
  • Genre: Drama, Horror.


A famous horror novelist Emma who announced on stopping to write horror content, forced to return to her native Elden as her dream haunted things are reappearing after fifteen years.

After some period of watching crime, thriller genres thought of changing the subject for some time, hence searched for horror content, found Marianne. A story of a dual fight of witch and a writer.

Before getting into the plot, I want to give a brief about Marianne. Marianne is an evil undead witch, she haunts you in dreams, makes you weak, and take possession. While leaving you, she won’t leave empty-handed. In the sixteen century, Marianne was found involved in demonic activities, hence she was wrapped under the foot of god with a seal and do rituals by cremating her to make the demonic possession goes away, instead people has cremated her without doing the rituals, hence she was undead and waiting for someone to get her saved.

Now, let’s dive into the story. Emma, Protagonist of the story, A famous writer who made famously and fortune on Lizzi Larck Series giving her last book interview on horror which made her audiences unhappy. When she did that supernatural thing has started havoc in her native Elden and her uninvited friend Caroline came to visit her to tell that Marianne is back and she is on her mother, She wants Emma to write again and hung herself after she gave a hoax bag to Emma that her mom wants it to give it to her. From that same night, Emma has got haunted dreams of Marianna which was gone away fifteen years back.

Elden is a tiny, picture-perfect coastal town that Emma left behind for good. The moment she visits Madame Daugeron to talk about Caroline, her daughter, Emma’s life goes for a tailspin. Everyone including her parents, Camille, the town priest, and her gang of friends from childhood are confronted by the wrath of Marianne. Emma’s presence seems to galvanize everything evil about the town. She decides to put an end to the suffering.

The initial episodes send us chills down on our spine, will possibly knock us out, the propulsive performance of Madame Daugeron was standout which made a firm foundation in the initial episodes. 

The director of the series has created an entertainment package like comedy, love, emotions, without disturbing the horror content. He has shown it as a book reading. Every scene is organized as chapters and interlink to the chapters are cleverly shown which found how tough it is to read books. Marianne's character was well created and terrifying which gives you Goosebumps in all her horrifying scene presence.

Marianne has given its potential show that does justice to traditional horror, which will give satisfying itch for your scary stuff.

My VR Critique Rating: 7.8/10

  • Story: 6/10
  • Screenplay: 7/10
  • Cinematography: 8/10
  • Acting: 9/10
  • Background Score: 9/10

Likes and Dislikes

  • Good plot and great screenplay on Marianne scenes.
  • The background score has won it all, Made horrifying moments.
  • Hiccups on new characters like the friend's gang which made few scenes bore.
  • If Daugeron's role play as Marianne extended it would be an extraordinary one.
  • Missed the inspector the role which was good at the start and ended without nothing.
  • The Climax scene, entry of the priest, and the closure by him were found bizarre since he was not seen for a very long time. He was asked to do the climax since the director has killed others.
  • One major miss by the director in plot, if Emma started to search the hole of Marianna from the start it would be much engrossed and appropriate, instead he has added gang of friends. 

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