Wednesday, April 29, 2020


  • Movie Name : Drive
  • Release date : Nov 2019
  • Run time : 2Hr 27Mins
  • Movie cast : Sushant Singh Rajput, Jacqueline Fernandas, Boman Irani, Pankaj Tripathi
  • Director : Tarun Mansukhani

Plot : Group of street racers plans to do a heavy lifting unimaginable heist.

A robbery has been encounted at a jewellery store in Delhi which was commited by a guy called King, he lefts a clue that he is going to commit a heist in Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Case was handed over to a guy called Irfhan (Boman Irani) nomitated by Prime minister office personally to handle it off the record. He along with Hamid (Pankaj) and his boss Vibha started to investicate. There is a story in parallel between Hamid and his boss Vibha who do integrity issues and a gets share from the uncaccounted money of the personals and store it in the private vault of Rashtrapathi bhavan.

Tara (Jaqueline Fernandas) aka real KING along with his team members trying to find the copy cat who did the hiest in the jewellery store. In the mean time Samar (Sushant Singh Rajput) did some fancy stunts to join their trust group and they came to know that Samar was the copy cat. They plan together to do another heist in Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

Did they commit that hiest successfully or not considering the securities of the Bhavan is the apogee.

Unbelievable story line which actually made our security check point in Rashtrapathi Bhavan looks vulnerable. CGI of entire movie is disgusting and horrible which we can easily identify and feel unbearable. Too much of light effects makes us to feel bad.

We can clearly see why this movie not released in the big screen. Obviously in the second show itself there will be show cancellation.

Biggest career damage for Sushant singh rajput and Karan Johar.

If you really wanna watch car chasing movies, best try F&F movies which are widely available which will give you goosebumps and atleast some scenes will actually make you to belive.

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