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Tougher to watch, but impossible to stop..!!

NOTE : This is only for the Dark Series Watching people. 👍

  • Timeline: 2017-2019
  • No of Seasons: 2
  • No of Episodes: 18
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.
The times of the binge watching season, Stranger Things Season 2 was released and it was completed in a single day since it was very much interesting. Netflix recommended DARK, A German series. When checked the plot and trailer it feels that it was a usual boy gone missing and how the police are going to find him. I skipped at first but thought to check it later.
It was a wonderful series, Great plot, wonderfully explained. This will be the only series binge watcher will use his notepad to take notes while watching the series.

To avoid that, I took the initiative of sharing it since I already had few notes of it. It is bit lengthy, Please do read and comment if you find it useful.

Character Timeline


  • The photo of Adult Noah and the Sic Mundus travellers is taken.
  • The passage in the caves is being built by Teen Noah and another man. Teen Noah kills the other man on Old Jonas/Adam’s orders because the other man has lost faith. Adult Noah counsels Teen Noah about keeping the faith. Old Jonas/Adam tells Adult Noah to find the missing pages in the Triquetra notebook.
  • Teen Jonas arrives from 2053 and is taken to Erna’s house to stay with her, Child Agnes, and Teen Noah.
  • Adult Noah lies to Old Jonas/Adam about Old Claudia having the missing Triquetra pages on her. Teen Jonas wakes up after being bandaged and leaves for the caves but the passage won’t be finished for another 32 years. Teen Noah and Adult Noah take Teen Jonas to meet Old Jonas/Adam, who reveals his true identity.
  • Teen Jonas asks Old Jonas/Adam for answers, to which he explains Sic Mundus is about launching a war on time and God. Old Jonas/Adam shows Teen Jonas the God Particle they created and explains that it is the key to Teen Jonas breaking the 33-year cycle. Teen Jonas leaves for 2019 through the God Particle to stop Adult Mikkel/Michael from killing himself, thinking that will break the cycle. Old Jonas/Adam is shown to have the St. Christopher necklace. Adult Magnus asks why Old Jonas/Adam didn’t tell Teen Jonas the truth about his role in this.
  • Adult Noah counsels Teen Noah about his role. Teen Noah leaves for 2020. Adult Noah confronts Old Jonas/Adam with the missing Triquetra pages and says he’s been used. Adult Noah tries to kill Old Jonas/Adam but Adult Agnes arrives and kills Adult Noah. Adult Magnus and Adult Franziska activate the God Particle, enabling Old Jonas/Adam to leave for 2020.
Adult Noah and the Sic Mundus travellers is taken.
 Adult Noah and the Sic Mundus travellers is taken.


  • Plans to build the power plant begin and got approved in 1960 for construction.
  • Erik’s corpse appears in the bunker from 1986. Adult Helge drags the body to the nuclear power plant construction site.
  • Adult Helge disposes of Yasin’s body.
  • Yasin and Erik’s bodies are discovered at the construction site. Adult Ulrich arrives from 2019. Adult Agnes and Child Tronte move to Winden and in with the Tiedemanns.
  • Child Claudia’s dog Gretchen disappears into the caves and Old Claudia brings her to 1986. Adult Ulrich leaves his phone at Adult H.G. Tannhaus’ shop.
  • Adult Ulrich tries to kill Child Helge and leaves him in the bunker.
  • Adult Ulrich is arrested by Adult Egon for Yasin and Erik’s murders and the abduction/suspected murder of Child Helge. Child Helge wakes up in the bunker. Old Claudia visits Adult H.G. Tannhaus and instructs him to build the machine to set the course of time straight.
  • Adult Ulrich is beaten by the police. The time portal opens over Winden. Child Helge goes to 1986 through the wormhole.
  • Adult Agnes and Doris begin their affair.
  • Old Claudia buries the time machine in the future yard of Adult Claudia.
  • Child Claudia catches Adult Agnes and Doris engaging in sexual activity. Child Helge returns home. Greta asks Adult Noah to help with Child Helge and gets him to speak.
  • Child Tronte shows Child Claudia his penis on her request. Adult Agnes meets Old Claudia in the bunker and receives instructions to “betray” her to Adult Noah.
  • Adult Agnes tells Adult Noah that Old Claudia has the missing Triquetra pages on her in exchange for being let back in to Sic Mundus.
  • Adult Egon first visits Adult Ulrich in his prison cell. Old Claudia visits Adult Egon at his office and apologizes.
  • Old Claudia visits Adult H.G. Tannhaus, gives him A Journey Through Time and tells him to explain the machine to her one day.
  • Adult Noah finds Old Claudia, who says that Old Jonas/Adam’s paradise is a lie. Adult Noah kills Old Claudia. Adult Noah looks at the pages Old Claudia had on her and gets upset by what he learns about Charlotte.
  • Adult Egon examines Old Claudia’s body in the morgue and suspects she was an accomplice to Child Helge’s abduction. Adult Egon interviews Child Helge about Old Claudia. Child Helge says he heard of Old Claudia from the White Devil.
  • Adult Hannah arrives from 2020 and goes to Adult Egon’s office to find Adult Ulrich. Adult Hannah asks Adult Ulrich to choose between her and Katharina at the psychiatric hospital but she doesn’t believe him when he chooses her. Adult Hannah abandons Adult Ulrich and decides to stay in 1954.


  • Adult Tronte and Adult Claudia are having an affair.
  • An explosion at the power plant causes the leak of radioactive material and creates the wormhole. Teen Ulrich and Teen Katharina tie Teen Regina to a tree as a prank.
  • The power plant starts cooking the books.
  • Adult Noah arrives in Winden and becomes the new priest.
  • Adult Jana sees Adult Noah arguing with Adult Helge.
  • Mads goes missing, having been kidnapped by Adult Helge.
  • Adult Helge travels to 2019. Mads is transported to 2019 through the chair, but dies in the process.
  • Child Mikkel/Michael arrives from the future. The sheep and birds die. Old Bernd shows Adult Claudia the radioactive waste in the caves on his last day running the power plant. Adult Helge gifts Adult Claudia A Journey through Time. Old H.G. Tannhaus works on the time machine more. Erik is transported to 1953 through the chair, but dies in the process.
  • Adult Claudia’s first day running the power plant.
  • Teen Ulrich is arrested for raping Teen Katharina after Teen Hannah comes forward as a “witness.” Adult Jonas arrives from 2019 to visit Old H.G. Tannhaus and asks him to fix the machine so he can destroy the wormhole.
  • Teen Jonas arrives from 2019.
  • Old Egon interrogates Teen Katharina. Teen Jonas leaves for 2019 without bringing Child Mikkel/Michael with him. Child Mikkel/Michael and Teen Hannah formally meet at the hospital. Yasin is transported to 1953 through the chair, but dies in the process.
  • Aleksander Köhler goes missing.
  • Teen Boris Niewald arrives in Winden and adopts the identity of Aleksander Köhler after committing two murders in Marburg. Teen Hannah witnesses Aleksander dispose of his real passport and a gun; she digs them up and keeps them.
  • Teen Hannah tells Teen Katharina that Teen Regina was the false witness to the rape. Teen Ulrich is released from prison. Teen Aleksander rescues Teen Regina from Teen Katharina.
  • Adult Claudia discovers Gretchen, who had just arrived from 1953. Adult Helge asks Adult Noah to stop helping with the murders, but Adult Helge doesn’t leave. Adult Helge hides from Old Egon to avoid their scheduled interview.
  • Adult Claudia hires Teen Aleksander to weld the door between the power plant and the caves shut.
  • Adult Jonas returns to Old H.G. Tannhaus’ shop and picks up the finished time machine. Old Helge confronts Adult Helge and asks him to stop working for Adult Noah, but Adult Helge doesn’t listen. Adult Ines adopts Child Mikkel/Michael.
  • Teen Jonas arrives from 2019 to save Child Mikkel/Michael and bring him back. Adult Helge and Adult Noah kidnap Teen Jonas before he can. Adult Jonas visits Teen Jonas in the bunker and reveals his identity, explains why he can’t let Teen Jonas out.
  • Old Helge attempts to kill Adult Helge in a car accident, but Adult Helge survives and Old Helge dies.
  • Adult Jonas attempts to destroy the wormhole but only closes the passage and winds up helping to create the wormhole in the process. The time portal opens over Winden.
  • Child Helge arrives from 1953 through the wormhole. Teen Jonas is transported to 2052 through the wormhole.
  • Teen Peter arrives in Winden.
  • Old Claudia visits Adult Claudia at her office at the power plant and reveals her identity.
  • Old Claudia shows Adult Claudia the time machine in the caves and tells her she must stop Old Jonas/Adam. Adult Noah confronts Mikkel/Michael outside the caves.
  • Old Egon visits Adult Helge in the psychiatric hospital and asks him about Mads’ disappearance. Old Egon first visits Old Ulrich in the psych ward, but Old Egon still doesn’t understand Old Ulrich’s identity.
  • Adult Hannah and Adult Jonas arrive in 1987 and see Adult Ines and Mikkel/Michael. Adult Claudia digs up the time machine that Old Claudia had buried for her.
  • Adult Noah successfully transports Child Helge to 1954 through the chair. Adult Claudia visits Adult Helge and asks him why he gave her A Journey Through Time.
  • Adult Helge tells Adult Claudia to never trust Noah. Old Egon returns to visit Old Ulrich and Old Ulrich reveals his name. Adult Claudia visits Old H.G. Tannhaus and he explains that A Journey Through Time traveled to him from the future before he wrote it.
  • Old Egon visits Adult Ines and asks about Mikkel/Michael’s parents, but Adult Ines doesn’t let Old Egon speak with him. Old Egon visits Adult Claudia at her office and tells her he has prostate cancer. Old Egon returns to Old Ulrich and shows him Mikkel/Michael’s photo, prompting Old Ulrich to choke Old Egon.
  • Adult Claudia travels to 2020.
  • Adult Claudia returns from 2020.
  • Adult Claudia asks Old Egon to move in with her in the hopes of avoiding his death. Old Bernd reveals the information about the God Particle to Adult Claudia. Adult Claudia has the God Particle analyzed.
  • Adult Ines is seen stealing medication from the hospital, which she has been using to drug Mikkel/Michael. Old Ulrich breaks out of the psychiatric hospital and finds Mikkel/Michael and they head for the caves in the hopes of returning to 2020.
  • Adult Ines calls Old Egon for help in finding Mikkel/Michael. Old Egon and the police stop Old Ulrich from taking Mikkel/Michael and Old Ulrich is arrested again. Teen Magnus, Teen Franziska, Martha, Bartosz, and Child Elisabeth arrive from 2020. Old Ulrich sees the kids from inside the police car but is unable to make contact.
  • Teen Magnus, Teen Franziska, Martha, Bartosz, and Child Elisabeth return to 2020.
  • Adult Claudia records herself discussing what she’s learned about the God Particle. During Old Egon’s first chemo session, he tells Adult Claudia that time travel is real. Old Egon tells Adult Claudia everything he knows about Ulrich, Mikkel/Michael and the caves. Old Egon wants to have the police search the caves, but Adult Claudia refuses.
  • When Old Egon doesn’t listen, they fight and he falls and hits his head. Instead of calling the paramedics, Adult Claudia decides to let Old Egon die, thinking this is the sacrifice she needs to make to save Regina.
  • Teen Jonas, after spending a year learning from Old Claudia, arrives at Adult Claudia’s house and says she must come with him immediately.
  • Teen Jonas brings Adult Claudia to take an isotope from the waste in the caves. Teen Jonas and Adult Claudia use the time machine and reopen the passage. Teen Jonas and Adult Claudia leave for 2020.
Sic Mundus Creatus est


  • Adult Peter stops visiting Benni after Adult Charlotte finds out.
  • Wöller loses his eye.
  • Original Teen Jonas, Teen Magnus, Martha, and Bartosz go to the lake.
  • Original Teen Jonas finds the St. Christopher medallion in the sand.
  • Teen Jonas arrives from 1921 and kisses Martha. Teen Magnus sees Teen Franziska skinny dipping at the lake and begins to have feelings for her.
  • Child Mikkel/Michael gets rubella. Child Mikkel/Michael sees Adult Mikkel/Michael at the Kahnwald house and runs away.
  • After seeing an article about the unsolved Marburg murders, Aleksander enlists Wöller’s help in finding something for him.
  • Adult Katharina and Adult Ulrich throw their 25th wedding anniversary party. Adult Charlotte tells Adult Peter she is going to attend the anniversary party alone.
  • Adult Peter visits Benni and Teen Franziska sees. Original Teen Jonas and Adult Hannah go to the anniversary party. Martha gives Original Teen Jonas the St. Christopher medallion necklace that she made for him.
  • Original Teen Jonas and Martha have sex. Adult Ulrich and Adult Hannah begin their affair. Teen Jonas finds Adult Mikkel/Michael at the Kahnwald house.
  • Teen Jonas tells Adult Mikkel/Michael not to kill himself and shows him the suicide letter. Adult Mikkel/Michael reveals to Teen Jonas that it was a future version of Teen Jonas that showed Child Mikkel/Michael the passage to 1986 on the night he disappeared.
  • Old Claudia interrupts Teen Jonas and Adult Mikkel/Michael and tells Teen Jonas he must wage war against himself and that she has seen a world without Jonas and it isn’t what Teen Jonas expects.
  • Old Claudia says they all must make sacrifices, including Adult Mikkel/Michael. Adult Mikkel/Michael writes the suicide letter. Old Claudia brings Teen Jonas to the caves, beginning their year together before Teen Jonas goes to 1987.
  • Adult Michael/Mikkel hangs himself and leaves behind the letter with instructions not to read until Nov. 4 at 10:13 p.m.
  • Teen Jonas spends two months in a psychiatric facility while everyone else thinks he’s in France.
  • Erik goes missing, having been kidnapped by Adult Helge.
  • Adult Helge arrives from 1986. Teen Jonas returns to school and finds out that Martha and Bartosz are dating. Old Ines reads Adult Michael/Mikkel’s letter at 10:13 p.m.
  • Teen Jonas, Martha, Bartosz, Teen Magnus, Child Mikkel/Michael, and Teen Franziska go to the caves. Child Mikkel/Michael goes missing, having been transported to 1986 through the caves after being shown the way by a future version of Teen Jonas.
  • Adult Regina finds out her hotel is going to be forced to close due to financial trouble. Adult Peter sees Mads’ body appear in the bunker and tells Adult Tronte. Old Claudia tells them to dispose of the body and gives them the Triquetra notebook.
  • Mads’ body is found in the forest. Adult Ulrich finds the door to the power plant in the caves. Adult Jonas shows up in Winden and goes to stay at Adult Regina’s hotel. Adult Helge emerges from the caves. The birds die. Teen Jonas finds Adult Michael/Mikkel’s map of the caves. Adult Aleksander orders the radioactive waste barrels to be dug up and moved.
  • Teen Jonas starts exploring the caves. Adult Charlotte finds the bunker. Teen Magnus and Teen Franziska first hook up. Child Elisabeth meets Adult Noah, who gives her a pocket watch to give to Adult Charlotte.
  • Yasin is kidnapped by Adult Helge. Bartosz meets Adult Noah. Adult Ulrich breaks up with Adult Hannah. Teen Jonas and Martha kiss. Teen Jonas receives the package from Adult Jonas and reads his father’s letter, learning that Michael’s true identity is Mikkel.
  • Adult Regina is diagnosed with breast cancer. Adult Katharina finds out about Adult Ulrich and Adult Hannah’s affair. Adult Ulrich realizes the dead boy from the forest is Mads.
  • Adult Ulrich first confronts Old Helge. Adult Charlotte suspends Adult Ulrich. Adult Katharina tells Adult Ulrich she knows about the affair with Adult Hannah. Old Jana spots Adult Helge in 2019. Adult Ulrich follows Old Helge into the caves. Teen Jonas arrives back from 1986. Adult Charlotte finds traces of paint from the barrels in the caves.
  • Old Claudia visits Bartosz and asks him to give Adult Regina a photo of the two of them from 1986. Adult Hannah uses the Boris Niewald passport to blackmail Adult Aleksander into destroying Adult Ulrich. Adult Regina sees the files in Adult Jonas’ hotel room. Bartosz agrees to work with Adult Noah. Adult Hannah lies and tells Adult Katharina that she ended the affair with Adult Ulrich. Adult Jonas takes an isotope from the radioactive waste barrels. Teen Jonas tells Martha that they can’t be together.
  • Teen Jonas confronts Old Ines about Michael/Mikkel’s identity. Bartosz and Teen Jonas fight. Adult Charlotte sees Adult Ulrich’s photo in a newspaper from 1953. Adult Noah gives Bartosz the Triquetra notebook and warns him to never trust Claudia. Adult Charlotte finds Adult Peter in the bunker. The time portal opens over Winden.
  • Clausen takes over the missing person’s case after requesting it. Adult Katharina explores the caves.
  • Bartosz and Martha break up. Adult Hannah is going to kill herself but Adult Jonas shows up. Martha finds Adult Ulrich’s police files in Child Mikkel/Michael’s room and shows Teen Magnus.
  • Teen Magnus follows Benni from Teen Franziska’s secret tin in the woods to Benni’s trailer and assumes Teen Franziska is a sex worker.
  • Child Elisabeth finds a photo of Adult Noah in an old book at H.G. Tannhaus’ shop. Wöller brings the radioactive waste back to the power plant. Adult Aleksander has the waste covered in concrete.
  • Clausen and Adult Charlotte re-interview Adult Regina, who tells them about Adult Jonas and shows them his files from the hotel room.
  • Teen Franziska reveals to Teen Magnus that she sells hormone therapy prescriptions to Benni since Adult Peter no longer supplies them.
  • Adult Jonas shows Adult Hannah the time machine and takes Adult Hannah to 1987 to see Adult Ines and Child Mikkel/Michael at home together.
  • Adult Claudia arrives from 1986 and learns Adult Regina has cancer. Adult Claudia goes to the power plant looking for her future self but learns Adult Aleksander is now in charge.
  • Adult Claudia goes to the library and googles herself, learning about her own disappearance in 1987. Adult Claudia leaves to return to 1987.
  • Adult Charlotte calls in sick to work to go through all the time travel files. Adult Jonas finds Adult Hannah’s gun. Adult Hannah has Adult Charlotte come meet Adult Jonas. Adult Charlotte shows Adult Jonas the Adult Noah photo from 1921 and he tells them about the Sic Mundus travellers.
  • Adult Charlotte takes Adult Hannah and Adult Jonas to the bunker and shows them all the files she’s collected. Adult Peter explains that Old Claudia told them everything to do.
  • Adult Charlotte brings Adult Katharina to the bunker and they explain everything to her but she doesn’t believe them. Adult Katharina goes to the school records to look up Michael Kahnwald and finds the picture of Child Mikkel/Michael in a class photo and finally believes.
  • Teen Magnus, Martha, Teen Franziska, and Child Elisabeth go to the caves where they run into Bartosz. They leave Bartosz tied up and take the time machine from him. Clausen and Wöller interview Adult Aleksander, with most questions being about his past.
  • Adult Hannah misses her interview appointment with Clausen.
  • Adult Jonas goes to Martha’s bedroom and leaves the St. Christopher necklace for her. Adult Hannah tells Adult Katharina about Adult Jonas’ time machine.
  • Clausen interviews Adult Hannah. Child Elisabeth, Teen Franziska, Teen Magnus, and Martha go into the caves to get answers from Bartosz, who tells them about the time machine. Bartosz takes them to 1987. Adult Jonas tells Adult Charlotte about Adult Noah and how Claudia used them all to further her agenda.
  • Adult Noah tells Adult Charlotte that he’s her father and that he plans on killing Old Jonas/Adam so that everyone, not just those in the bunker, will survive.
  • Adult Jonas confronts Adult Hannah about not loving Michael/Mikkel and her affair with Adult Ulrich. Child Elisabeth, Teen Franziska, Teen Magnus, Martha, and Bartosz return from 1987. Martha finds the necklace Adult Jonas left for her.
  • Adult Hannah steals Adult Jonas’ time machine and leaves for 1954. Adult Charlotte tells Adult Peter about Adult Noah and the apocalypse.
  • Teen Magnus, Teen Franziska, and Child Elisabeth tell Adult Peter and Adult Charlotte about time travel, only to learn they already knew. Clausen arrests Adult Aleksander for identity theft. Clausen reveals that his brother, Aleksander Köhler, disappeared in 1986 and that’s whose identity Aleksander stole.
  • Clausen says he knew to go to Winden to look for him because he had received a letter from an anonymous source. Martha meets Adult Jonas, who reveals his true identity to her.
  • Adult Katharina shows up and reveals that Jonas is her nephew because Mikkel and Michael are the same person. Adult Jonas reveals Adult Hannah took the machine, but Martha says Teen Magnus has a time machine. Teen Magnus brings the time machine to Martha and Adult Katharina.
  • Bartosz tells Adult Regina that Claudia isn’t dead and visited last fall. Bartosz gives Adult Regina the photo of her and Adult Claudia from 1986.
  • Adult Jonas tells Martha she needs to go to the bunker because he can’t watch her die again. She refuses so he pulls Aleksander’s gun on her and forces her into the bunker.
  • Teen Jonas and Adult Claudia arrive from 1987. Teen Jonas instructed Adult Claudia to bring the time machine to the bunker.
  • Adult Claudia brings Adult Regina with her. Teen Noah arrives from 1921 and gives Teen Jonas a letter from Martha saying he must save Bartosz, Teen Magnus, Teen Franziska, Agnes, and Teen Noah so that Martha will live and the prophecy is fulfilled.
  • Wöller tells Adult Charlotte about helping Aleksander bury the radioactive waste at the power plant. Adult Charlotte tells Wöller everything. Clausen gets a search warrant for the power plant and has them dig up the radioactive waste, despite Adult Charlotte’s protests.
  • Adult Peter takes Child Elisabeth into the bunker. Martha leaves the bunker and returns to the Kahnwald house where she finds Teen Jonas. Teen Jonas and Martha kiss.
  • Old Jonas/Adam arrives from 1921. Old Jonas/Adam kills Martha to ensure that Teen Jonas will eventually turn into Adam. Adult Katharina finds the maps of the cave and flashlight in Teen Jonas’ room.
  • Adult Katharina heads to the caves and opens the passage. The birds die. The God Particle is created and a wormhole between 2020 and 2053 opens up, allowing Adult Charlotte to make contact with Adult Elisabeth.
  • Adult Jonas finds Bartosz, Teen Magnus, and Teen Franziska and uses the time machine to bring them to safety. Other World Martha arrives at the Kahnwald house and uses a new device to bring Teen Jonas to safety, potentially to her universe.
Family Tree wall found in Old Jonas/ Adams house.


  • Teen Jonas arrives from 1986 and is taken captive by Adult Elisabeth’s people.
  • Adult Elisabeth executes two men for entering the dead zone. Teen Jonas discovers the God Particle in the power plant ruins.
  • Teen Jonas is caught going into the dead zone and is sentenced to death by Adult Elisabeth. Teen Jonas is hanged but Adult Elisabeth saves his life at the last second. Adult Elisabeth’s young female follower breaks Teen Jonas out of his cell and demands he show her what’s really in the dead zone. Teen Jonas shows the young girl the God Particle, temporarily stabilizes it, and goes through the portal. Adult Elisabeth catches the young girl leaving the power plant and they have a confrontation.
  • The date it’s prophesied that the passage will open and everyone will be led into paradise. Adult Elisabeth digs up a box of personal belongings. Adult Elisabeth goes to the power plant and makes contact with Adult Charlotte when the wormhole is created allowing her to see into 2020.

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